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Italian Food: An Addiction

This is less of a detailed blog post and more of a celebration of all the amazing food I’ve eaten in Italy. While I don’t have pictures of everything, I do have some of my favorites.

First, Pizza.  From Naples to Rome, it’s an Italian classic, and it’s always great! In Naples, of course, you kind of have to get a Pizza Margherita, which was allegedly invented in Naples in 1889 to honor Margherita of Savoy and features tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil to represent the colors of the Italian flag. The highlight of pizza in Naples though is the crust, so don’t be surprised when there aren’t a ton of options for toppings; the crust is the source of pride here. Also, according to a lot of Italians, pizza was invented in Naples, so it’s probably a good idea to just take what they give you and trust that it will be amazing. In other places, however, the pizza gets more experimental. Though I can’t remember its name, a pizza I had in Rome included half a hard-boiled egg on top. While it was not what I expected, it was still amazing! Basically, you can’t go wrong with pizza in Italy.

Spaghetti: Simple, but with endless variations from thick Umbrian noodles to thinner American-style noodles but with clams and mussels (that I didn’t get a picture of). Spaghetti comes in every version imaginable in Italy, and you can’t go wrong sitting down in a Spaghetteria. Many of them also offer gluten-free pastas now, so even with an allergy, you can still enjoy some famous Italian pasta.

Ravioli has always been one of my favorites, but in Italy, it’s basically the best thing in the world. I love pasta stuffed with cheese, which is basically what you get here, though it’s usually mixed with other things as well. The seafood ravioli that I had somewhere in Cinque Terre was unexpected but amazing! All of the ravioli is great!

Assorted other pastas – I really didn’t know there were this many kinds, but they’re all amazing. While you might think you’ll get tired of pasta in Italy, it’s made in so many different ways with so many different sauces and toppings, that you really just have to try everything, and it will be entirely worth it!

Other foods – sandwiches and french fries and smoothies, they’re all better on vacation. Italy is also where I picked up the habit of putting mayonnaise on my fries. While some people think this is weird, I 100% stand by it because it’s good! Italy is also where I was introduced to risotto, and it’s a dish I’ve made several times since being in Italy.

Desserts! Dessert is always amazing, and you can’t go wrong with a gelato to top off a day in Italy! One of the highlights is gelato made into the shape of a flower in Florence. Though, I do recommend getting some fruity flavors instead of flavors that are shades of brown like I did, since a colorful flower will make a better picture (although mine still tasted great).

So yeah, the food’s pretty good.  Until next time ~


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