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20 Amazing Pictures from Tucson’s Sweetwater Wetlands

“Wetlands” and “humidity” are not words that are often associated with Tucson, Arizona. Nevertheless, one of the vastly overlooked gems of the city is Sweetwater Wetlands. Water is an important resource in the desert, so, in order to save potable water, the city has been working to use reclaimed water for irrigation and landscaping since 1984. The Wetlands were built in 1996 to help treat the backwash, but it now serves as a nature reserve and a fantastic park to learn and play. Cattails and willow trees fill the park in abundance, and there are numerous songbirds, ducks, and frogs. The park also has a resident bobcat, whom you may be lucky enough to see on a visit, though I have yet to get a picture. However, I have gotten a lot of other great pictures, so here are 20 of the best to inspire you to add this to your Tucson to-do list!


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