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Kendyl Bostic

Hey y’all! I’m Kendyl, an aspiring travel blogger, originally from the great state of West Virginia. My goal in my posts is to provide both travel advice and some reflection based on my experiences and the aspects of a place that stood out to me. When I went to Easter Island, I was struck by the impact of tourism on the island, so that’s what I wrote about. In writing about Hershey, Pennsylvania, it was impossible to separate my memories of that trip from the global pandemic that shut the world down one week after the trip, so that comes out in the post. 

I discovered a love of traveling and writing about my travels when I was fourteen and went to Ireland to spend a couple of weeks with my aunt and uncle who were there for six months at the time. I’ve been blogging since I was 14 and went to Ireland. When I traveled in high school and first started college, I wrote about my experiences as a sort of diary for people back home to read. More recently though, I’ve been transitioning this into a more professional travel blog where I can write about my trips and also provide some tips for anyone looking to plan a trip of their own.

I recently graduated from the University of Arizona with majors in Global Studies, French, and Arabic, and a minor in Art History. As someone who loves languages, literature, and traveling, being in college has given me some amazing opportunities to travel and learn about the world around me. I’ve also been very fortunate to volunteer with the local Parks in Focus program (funded by the Udall Foundation) which has really helped to inspire my love of National Parks. Currently, I am serving as an AmeriCorps member at Arthurdale Heritage, Inc., and I’m looking forward to all that this position has to offer!

At the top menu, you’ll find some category links and selecting one of these will bring up the most recent posts in that category. If you’re looking a specific place or post, try out the search bar. I hope you enjoy my writing and are able to learn something and get inspired to see the world around you! Keep adventuring!

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Mini Resumé
  • Blogger since 2013
  • Amateur Photographer
  • Bibliophile
  • Self-Identified Nerd
  • Hot Chocolate Enthusiast
  • AmeriCorps member at Arthurdale Heritage, Inc.
  • University of Arizona, 2021 graduate
  • Member of Phi Beta Kappa
  • Varying fluency in French, Spanish, and Arabic (and English obviously)

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