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A Winter Weekend Getaway: Buckhannon and Audra State Park

When I think of the places I like to go in winter, I think of serenity in nature - the stillness that comes to the world with animals hibernating and seeds waiting in the ground until warmer weather urges them to sprout. There's a peaceful beauty that I love about these cold months when snow… Continue reading A Winter Weekend Getaway: Buckhannon and Audra State Park

Around the US, West Virginia

Winter at Blackwater Falls

Blackwater Falls is one of the loveliest places in West Virginia and especially well-located in Tucker County near lots of other fantastic places to explore! While I've been there numerous times over the years, we decided to spend this past Christmas at a cabin in the state park, which was an excellent decision in my… Continue reading Winter at Blackwater Falls

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Day Tripping to Madera Canyon

Prior to last September, I had not heard of Madera Canyon, which is somehow less than an hour from Tucson and also the home base of Mt. Wrightson, the tallest mountain in Southern Arizona.  However, I went from not knowing a thing about this place to visiting in September, December, and January, and I can… Continue reading Day Tripping to Madera Canyon